Authorship under the MESARGEN consortium

Acknowledging the contribution from collaborators by means of co-authorship is not in question. The existence of this consortium is to bring together individuals working in the field of sarcoidosis from across the globe and do research as a team. We believe that anyone who makes a contribution towards the characterization of the patients, collection of samples, design of the study, analyses, and/or tackling the research question investigated gets their contribution recognized through authorship.

Generally, working under international consortia 3 – 5 authorships are assigned per cohort; however, this is not a fixed number since we know that it takes a team to gather and phenotype samples, thus more authors can be acknowledged for their contribution, if that is the case.

Our goal of creating MESARGEN is to move forward with the understanding of sarcoidosis using an infrastructure that allow us to investigate many research questions and in where everyone can benefit out of it.