The objective of MESARGEN is to be a resourceful and available platform that provides researchers the opportunity to conduct omics studies in the field of sarcoidosis. MESARGEN aims  to connect with collaborators who have or are willing to establish a population-based cohort in their country comprising of documented sarcoidosis cases with as much clinical information as possible, and healthy controls representative of their demographic population sample.  If you have a set of patients being followed-up for sarcoidosis, clinical information available, genetic data and/or DNA (Blood in EDTA tubes) available on patients, feel free to contact us.

Cohorts or studies are invited to join if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Collection of subjects with documented clinical information and confirmed diagnosis for sarcoidosis.
  2. For genomic studies, as the consortium seeks to identify genetic variants associated with sarcoidosis and its sub-phenotypes, DNA samples or genotyped SNP-array data must be available. Note: samples do not need to be genotyped at the time of joining consortium. Patient informed consent is required for all samples to be included.
  3. For transcriptomic studies, …
  4. For epigenetics studies, …
  5. For pharmacogenetic studies, ..

If you have a cohort that meets (1) and any of the (2) – (5) criteria and would like to join MESARGEN, please fill out the form below.

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